Online Dating and Personals

21 Jan , 2019 Sex Dating,Snapchat Nudes

Online Dating and Personals

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I guess we should tackle this mountain and see what we can do for those that are, or were, into the Craigslist Personals that have gone by way of the dodo bird. For those of you that were addicted to that community of like minded people. Where do you go for what used to be Craigslist sex, so to speak. Let’s be real, as is always the case, that area of the internet was abused as well. There is nothing or nowhere you can go these days that doesn’t have some sort of abuse going on. The bad part here is that it was being used for Human Trafficking and worse. There was a time when personals were safe and, in some days gone by, was the only real way to get the attention of someone new. Sign up to MeetNFuck For Free!

Well, here we are, in the here and now, and folks like you are looking for new places to meet people, right? I have seen some like Duckduckgo, OkCupid, and Bumble, among others, picking up some of the old Craigslist sex partners. But what do you do if you are one that just lurked and found what you like before saying anything? Well, you are kind of up a tree without a paddle, so to speak. You are screwed and not in the best kind of way. Since you didn’t know their name, you are left at the night after night search for them. Which you will likely not find, unless they have a username that is easy to find on some other social media group.

I have never been one to go on Craigslist looking for a sex partner, or any other dating site, but I realize and understand that in this day and age, it is probably the only real way to meet new people. Even if you frequent a place where all the people hang out, do they really look over the top of their devices to see you standing there? I think not, not that I have seen anyway. So, where do you turn? Most go to sleezy websites to look for their new sex partner, no different than going to a sleezy dive bar. So here you are digging for a new place to go and hang out and hopefully run into the old crowd somewhere in there. Keep looking, or just hang out in the new space and see what is there.

I don’t want to labor the point here, I just want to show you that there are other places to find sex without hunting on such places as craigslist personals. And likely some that are much safer than hunting the lower parts of the internet for it. After all, hasn’t craigslist sex found a place online that people don’t trust anymore? I mean, when you open a news page somewhere and you see that someone from craigslist personals has been stalking someone they met there, and in some cases, have gone on to kill them? Maybe that is why that area was forcibly closed down.

Craigslist Personals shut down on, or about, March 2018 after the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act Bill” was signed. They did not really want to be held accountable and responsible for the actions of their members. I will leave you with this, you have gotten the point now, that has convinced you that the world hasn’t come to an end for Online personals. Register for free to¬† finding your next partner.

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