Council estate girl looking for someone to just masturbate with

8 Apr , 2023 Affairs Dating,Sex Chat

Council estate girl looking for someone to just masturbate with

Hello. I know all about you. Your wife or girlfriend doesn’t satisfy your needs and you have a thing for the council estate slags you see round your local shop.  The fact is that you need more than your wife can offer you. That’s where I come in, I’m a genuine girl off an estate in Preston, I mean, I really am a council estate chav slag that will have quick fun with you while your wife’s doing the housework. I want to be your other woman and am looking for married men who want to masturbate with me online. I want to be your side piece, your dirty little fuck slut. I want to be the girl who does the things that she won’t. It doesn’t matter what they are. It’s a service that I want to provide. I want you to call me when you need to get off. Stop trying to get the sex you need out of her. She’s never going to be giving it to you. Come and see me instead.

Why am I doing this? It’s because I like it,I love been a genuine Northern slag and men love it too. Dress me up like a chav and shag me, tell me how dirty I am while you sit their and wank your cock off.  I want you to smell like me when you get into bed with her. I want you to think about me when you have sex with her. I want to empty your balls so thoroughly that you have to struggle to satisfy her needs. She doesn’t deserve to be the one you love to fuck. I do. I’ll do it all. I want to be your other woman. It turns me on and I’ll turn you on in return.

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